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Centrifugal glass wool is a series of products that have a variety of uses by fibrillating a glass in a molten state by a centrifugal blowing process and spraying a filament-form material made of a thermosetting resin, followed by thermal curing and deep processing. It has many advantages such as non-combustible, non-toxic, corrosion-resistant, small bulk density, low thermal conductivity, strong chemical stability, low moisture absorption rate and good water repellency. It is currently recognized as a thermal insulation, heat insulation and sound absorbing material with superior performance. the use of. The plates, felts and tubes made of this material have been widely used in the fields of construction, chemical, electronics, electric power, metallurgy, energy, transportation and other fields for thermal insulation, sound absorption and noise reduction, and the effect is very remarkable.
Centrifugal glass wool board: It is a kind of sheet product with certain strength made by centrifugal glass wool after curing. It can maintain good thermal insulation and sound absorption performance in high temperature or low temperature environment. It is mainly used for interior wall partitions of high-rise buildings, ceilings in ceilings, insulation in iron ducts or bellows, sound absorption and noise reduction in studios and machine rooms, and has broad application prospects.
Glass wool felt: A phenolic resin binder is applied, and the roll material is formed by pressurization and curing. The surface can be affixed with PVC film fabric or aluminum foil. This product has light capacity, large sound absorption coefficient, flame retardant and excellent chemical stability.
Main Specifications:
Bulk density: 10-48kg/m3
Fiber diameter: <8μm
Thermal conductivity: ≤0.030-0.042w/m.h.°C (thickness related)
Cotton felt specifications: 1200 × 8000-15000 × 30-150mm (customized according to customer needs)
Board specifications: 1200 × 600 × 30-80mm (customized according to customer needs) Safe use temperature: -20 ° C -400 ° C
1. Roof insulation, heat insulation and sound absorbing materials
2, building insulation, heat insulation,
3. Entertainment theaters, TV stations, radio stations, laboratories, sound absorption processing
4. Heat insulation of air-conditioning pipelines and refrigerated warehouses


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